Friendship Week 2015


3Friendship2015Friendship Week 2015 – All Aboard The Friend Ship

This year the whole school worked together to create a Friend Ship based on Noah’s Ark.  Thanks to our new art teacher Clodagh for helping us to paint the Friendship and thanks to Jackie for the design.

On Friday we had a Friendship Week assembly and sang songs, told kind stories and read some poems. Shane told us about some of the kind things we said about each other:

“We all coloured an animal and then added a friendly comment underneath – Oscar is extremely polite; Jack is creative and makes up magical creatures; Cameron is good at focusing; Sophie is a kind girl and is interesting to listen to.”

 We chose James Taylor’s song You’ve got a Friend to sing at our Friendship Week Assembly this year.  The chorus goes like this:

You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am

I’ll come running to see you again

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall,

All you’ve got to do is call,

And I’ll be there, yeah, yeah, you’ve got a friend

Then the teachers told us how we had been kind to each other this week.  In one class they told each other why they were a star.  They said things like “You’re good at computer games” or ” You’re a fast runner” or ” You’re kind and handsome”. It was remarked how kind and friendly the senior class was to the juniour class.  Another teacher told us how we were making an effort to get to know the new children.  Luke very kindly said that we should give them to the teachers too and then he read this poem.

Another month,

Another smile,

Another Winter

And another Summer too

But there can never be

Another You.


Or special Friendship Week activity was giving each other Declan’s Dollars in the yard for special acts of kindness. Oscar gave Suleiman a dollar because he was talking nicely to Fionn and Jake; Aaron gave Shane a dollar for great team-work; Henry gave David a dollar because he wanted to welcome him to the school.  And here’s another the poem that Ms. Devine’s said at assembly:

A cupful of kindness,

And plenty of care

Some hugs and some kisses,

They’re so nice to share

Nice words and good manners,

Now that’s how it’s done,

And just while we’re at it,

Let’s throw in some fun!

Now mix it and  stir it,

Yummy! I like it!

It tastes good to me!

It’s easy to share love,

We just need to try.

Just take it, and give it,

Come on, don’t be shy.