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Who We Are

St. Declan's School caters for children who, for personal or emotional reasons, achieve below their potential in their local schools. We strive to create a supportive environment for the boys and girls in our care. Our success is due largely to the positive relationships we build between home and school. Emphasis is placed on the children's social and emotional well-being in the context of a vibrant school community.  Read more...


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Animation Project


 Our animations were created as part of a documentary film made with and about the staff and children of St. Declan's.  Read more...



Horrible Histories


If The Legend of St. Declan's was a Horrible Histories this is what it might be like.  Read more...


Head Heart Hand


Head Heart Hand is a book of poems and prints created by the children of St. Declan's based on our ethos. Read more...