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Narrative Record re Joseph Marmion SJ

The Irish Jesuit Order has welcomed the publication of a narrative record of the historical abuse perpetrated by Fr Joseph Marmion SJ (1925-2000) on students in Jesuit schools. Fr Joseph Marmion SJ. His abuse, the harm caused and Jesuit accountability: A narrative record details how the Jesuit Order dealt with the allegations of abuse and the response of particular Jesuits from the time the first allegation of child sexual abuse was made until the present day.

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Children generally spend two years in St. Declan’s before returning to mainstream schools.

Who We are

St. Declan’s caters for children who, for one reason or another, are achieving below their potential at school.  Boys and girls of primary school age, who have run into personal or educational difficulties in another school, can be referred to St. Declan’s. If children have the sort of problems that can be helped by a year or a few years in St. Declan’s, they can transfer here until they are ready to return to mainstream schools.

It is the aim of St. Declan’s that children will return to mainstream schools better able to cope

From the Principal

As Principal of St. Declan’s, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our school website. We thank you for taking the time to visit. We hope to provide you with some useful information. The website showcases the wealth of experiences we offer the children and gives them a wider audience for their wonderful work. We hope you enjoy your visit and return regularly to check out our latest news.

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Head Heart Hand Project

The Head Heart Hand Project The Head Heart Hand Book was a project undertaken in 2013 to celebrate St. Declan’s ethos. This project was made

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