Board of Management

What is the Board of Management?

Since 1975 primary schools are governed by Boards of Management. Each board is made up of 8 people, who are appointed by the school’s Patron. In St. Declan’s the Trustee is the Society of Jesus, the Patron is the Catholic Archbishop of Dublin and the board is made up of two members who are nominees of the Patron (including the Chairperson), two parent members, two staff members (including the Principal) and two members from the wider community.

The board’s main function is to manage the school on behalf of the Patron, for the benefit of the students and to provide an appropriate education for each student at the school.

We have approximately seven meetings during each school year and meetings deal with a variety of topics, including current issues, budgeting, curriculum, policy development, employment and forward planning.

The term of each Board is 4 years and our current Board will be in place until 30th November 2024.

Members of the Board of Management at St. Declan’s Special School:


Jonathan TiernanChair of Board
Sarah Lafferty(Acting) Principal
Katherine KeoghTreasurer
Deirdre SoffeTrustee
Nicola CurryParent Nominee
Alan McGovernParent Nominee
Kevin KavanaghTeacher Nominee on Board