Benny, Barney, Lemon, Patrick, Sky and Jack join Ms. Feighery’s class!

Aquarium1The Marine Institute as a part of their ‘Explorers Aquarium in The Classroom’ program set up a small tank in Ms Feighery’s classroom. The students were given the job of taking care of the tank and the fish. They made daily observations about the marine life in the tank.

An Explorers saltwater aquarium with native species was provided by with education resources to carry out project work.

Ms.Feighery’s class have named all the sea creatures and are making observations each day.

So let’s welcome Benny the butterfish, Barney the bleny, Patrick the starfish, Lemon and Tom the anemones and Jack the limpet.  Here’s some of the observations that have already been made:

“In my class a lady was getting the tank ready.  There was a starfish, two mussels, two blenys, and a starfish.  There was also an anemone and a limpet.  The bleny is known as Benny and is fast swimming”. (Kain)

“Patrick the starfish has a rather big belly today.  He probably ate a mussel.” (Fionn)

“Today I saw that Sky the butterfish was trying to talk by moving his mouth.  I also saw that Benny the Bleny was hiding under a clam. He must be shy. Temperature in tank 15.5 at 2:00pm.” (Sean)

“We can see that the temperature has to be between 15 and 18 degrees.” (Rhys)

“The starfish is trying to be human.  It is trying to stand on two legs and now it is sleeping on a rock.” (Brendan)

“Sky the butterfish is swimming all over the tank and also nudging Patrich the starfish over and over again.” (Jake)

“Patrick the starfish has something growing on it and we don’t know what it is!! Something else – I think Patrick the starfish is at the hot spot because he has been there for days.  We are pretty sure the Jack the limpet is dead.” (Suleiman)

“Patrick was on the ground today.  He was here and there and everywhere.  Sky was pretty lazy today.  He didn’t eat the cockel did he?!” (Fionn)