MMcG Maths Week1


The 9th annual Maths Week Ireland, with over 250,000 children participating from all over Ireland, was held from October 11th to 19th 2014. 

The highlight of our week was a day of maths, with each class sharing fun puzzles and maths games.  We all enjoyed the bingo game, the tangrams and the Jelly Bean Challenge (who ate all the jelly babies?) We also introduced MangaHigh which is an online website of maths challenges, games and activities.  The Numero card game proved a big hit with the senior classes and we'll soon be getting that league going between the classes.  Each child has there own log in number and password for MangaHigh so take a look at

For lots more interesting maths ideas click on this link

Maths Week 2014 slides

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  • Who can solve the puzzle?
  • 5 Jelly Babies weigh 20g. The jar of Jelly Babies weighs 1500g. The jar weighs 700g. How many Jelly Babies in the jar?
  • Try the cereal box jigsaw puzzles.
  • Draughty in here. Isn't it?
  • Numero in the senior class. Remember THE ANSWER IS IN YOUR HAND. Try a build, a take or a discard.