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Friendship Week 2014

It has become traditional in St. Declan's to celebrate Friendship Week each year after Halloween.  This year we had some great ideas, with each class contributing stories, poems, songs and some wonderful artwork (Thanks to Niamh for her help with the Friendship Tree). 

A special word of thanks to our new student council for coming up with the Buddy Bench in the yard - children sit on the Buddy Bench if they need someone to play with or to chat to.  The student council also helped with ideas for the Friendship Tree and a friendship Cake.

 The Friendship Tree

The idea of the six children which make up the Friendship Tree came from Ms. Moore's class. The six children represent the six classes in the school with linking arms and legs.  The three children at the base of the tree have roots which represent the idea that friendship is deep-rooted. The hands (leaves) from the classes can grow out of the arms (branches).  There is one tree-child for each class and one hand-leaf for each child.

Ingredients to Make a Good Friend

Encouragement is having good
Thoughts or words for others.
Listening to what friends are saying.
Kindness is helping friends.
Fun is playing fair with friends.
Loyalty is sticking together.
Patience is waiting your turn.
Trust is feeling safe with friends.
Honesty is telling the truth.
Respect is accepting others.
Forgiveness is saying sorry.
(Ms. Feighery's Class)

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Halo and Lawrence met at night,
When dusk had turned to moonlight
Two lonely people who once took sight,
The flames of friendship ignite.

Feeling lost, lonely and confused,
Lawrence knew what it was to be in her shoes.
Sitting together just the two,
Patience and trust I give to you.

Although both were different, worlds apart,
This friendship strength came from the heart.
They encouraged each other to have fun,
Their friendship was as bright as the sun.

In times of highs and times of lows,
The both have each other to lighten their load.
When faced with times of strife,
Kindness and loyalty helps them through life.
(Ms.Moore's Class)