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News 2014

MMcG Maths Week1


The 9th annual Maths Week Ireland, with over 250,000 children participating from all over Ireland, was held from October 11th to 19th 2014. 

The highlight of our week was a day of maths, with each class sharing fun puzzles and maths games.  We all enjoyed the bingo game, the tangrams and the Jelly Bean Challenge (who ate all the jelly babies?) We also introduced MangaHigh which is an online website of maths challenges, games and activities.  The Numero card game proved a big hit with the senior classes and we'll soon be getting that league going between the classes.  Each child has there own log in number and password for MangaHigh so take a look at

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Kindness Tree Sean

Friendship Week 2014

It has become traditional in St. Declan's to celebrate Friendship Week each year after Halloween.  This year we had some great ideas, with each class contributing stories, poems, songs and some wonderful artwork (Thanks to Niamh for her help with the Friendship Tree). 

A special word of thanks to our new student council for coming up with the Buddy Bench in the yard - children sit on the Buddy Bench if they need someone to play with or to chat to.  The student council also helped with ideas for the Friendship Tree and a friendship Cake.

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Christmas Play 2014

Rehersals for the Christmas play 2014 are well underway with the songs from The Peace Child to be heard all over the school.  This year's Christmas play is set in the far-off and fictional land of Mambica, this is the story of two opposing tribes with different lifestyles and traditions.  The Sotongi and Wannakeekee tribesare separated by a river and also by generations of rivalry. There seems to be little hope of reconciliation. When a western TV crew decide to build a bridge between the two communities, the threat of war between tribes becomes reality. Only the gift of a newborn son can bring hope and life to the land and its people.

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