Grandparents Day 2015

A Big Crowd for Grandparents Day 2015

GrandparentsDay2105 12Each year, as part of Catholic schools week, St. Declan’s School celebrates and pays tribute to grandparents and the role they play in handing on the faith to their grandchildren. They bring joy to the live of their grandchildren and in turn we hope that their grandchildren bring joy to them.  Here in St. Declan’s we welcome the help and support grandparents give to the children.

This year was the biggest turn out yet, with over 40 guests. We celebrated with an assembly of songs, prayers and readings which was followed by refreshments and a visit to the classrooms.  Thanks yet again to the Parent’s Association for providing such a magnificent spread.

“Today on grandparents day I was reading in front of all the grandparents.  It Grandparentsdraw1 Page 1was quite scary after the first while.  Then we served the grandparents.  It was quite hard but we did it.  The we went upstairs to our classroom.  We played poker with I’s grandparents.  It was really fun and N. won.” (D.McQ)

“We started grandparents day by doing a prayer service.  I was like the priest for the ceremony and said the prayers.  I got a lot of comments about it!  After the two senior classes helped out and served teas, coffees and cakes.  I helped Mr. G as his assistant taking photographs.  We ended the day by playing a really nice game of poker.  I bet we all had a nice day, because I did! (T.O’K.)

“We started off Grandparents Day with ceremony and we remember the grandparents that are no longer with us.  Then we had to give food out to the grandparents.  At the end of it all the grandparents didn’t really eat that much and we ate a lot of it.  Someone from our class was not in so I read there part in the ceremony. (N.J.)

L.O’R interviewed his grandad Seán and here’s his answers:

  • lives in Irishtown and was born there and lives in the same house 70 years agoGrandparentsdraw1 Page 2
  • likes thriller films, cowboys, spy films, World War II history
  • in school wasn’t allowed to write with his left hand, got hit with a stick!
  • had a park but no playground
  • played marbles
  • no vegetable garden, doesn’t like gardening
  • first car a Triumph Herald aged 19
  • travelled in planes, bikes, boats, buses, and drove taxis and lorries.
  • the only thing he didn’t travel in was a rocket
  • favourite food steak and KFC
  • summer is his favourite season
  • 7 grand children and 1 great grandchild
  • married 46 years
  • uses a computer to play games